Duke Cannon Coal Miner Oil Control Face Cleanser

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Duke Cannon wakes up each morning prepared to attack the workday, not a 10am spa appointment for his T-zone.

This gentle, non-stripping face cleanser is specifically built to remove excess oil, sweat, and pollution. Uniquely textured to leave skin clear, balanced and hydrated.

Cleaner Type: Oil-control cleanser

Skin Types: Normal / Oily

Use Frequency: 1-2x daily (AM/PM)

How It Works: Purifies skin by purging excess oil and debris

Result: Reduced shine, balanced complexion

Product Specs:

  • Kaolin clay to detoxify and remove unwanted buildup
  • Mineral-enriched to absorb excess oil and reduce shine
  • Glycolic acid to gently exfoliate and balance complexion
  • Glycerin for superior hydration and outer layer protection