Outlaw The Gambler Whiskey Body Lotion

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This lotion'll give you an ace up your sleeve and a swagger in your step.

  • If you love the scent of fine bourbon, a tobacco shop, and warm leather, this is absolutely the lotion for you.
  • It's both sweet and rugged: The perfect scent for a scoundrel with a heart of gold.
  • Inspired by Doc Holliday winning at love, friendship, and especially poker. Not only is it outstandingly smooth and moisturizing, it's the perfect sidekick to whatever adventures (and misadventures) you get yourself into.
  • Completely unique, just like you.
  • Made with love and laughter by people who love their jobs and want you to be happy.

You might pour yourself a tumbler of good bourbon. With every sip, you feel yourself slipping deeper into smoky, rich reflection.

And yet, your head is still clear as ever. Cunning and resourceful, you’re quite familiar with wheelin’ and dealin’ to get exactly what you want. And what you want is to smell down-to-the-bone authentic — exuding the rugged scents of bourbon, tobacco, and leather — unlike the others in the room who are sweatin’ bullets from your undeniable charm. No need to take your chances here — it’s the secret trick to smelling sharp that you’ll never give away.

Even hardened outlaws need soft skin!

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