Way Of Will 00 Natural Deodorant Unscented Plastic & Baking Soda Free

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With a baking soda-free formula and uplifting essential oils, this is the gentlest way to smell amazing. Boost your mental wellbeing, protect your skin, mask any odors, and do your bit for the planet all at once. What more can you ask of a deodorant?

We know that not everyone loves strong scents. There are a lot of reasons for that. Some are sensitive to fragrances, and others prefer to let the smell of their perfume shine through. Way Of Will's unscented deodorant neutralizes unpleasant orders with magnesium and lets your body’s natural scent flourish.

Maybe you already have a plastic-free antiperspirant you love but want something more natural. We have you covered with this gentle and sustainable deodorant.

  • Gentle baking soda free natural deodorant range neutralizes body odor without harsh chemicals or irritating baking soda
  • Plastic-free packaging fits your zero-waste lifestyle