Way Of Will 43 Clothing Refresh Spray Grapefruit & Lavender

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Looking for an all-natural fabric disinfectant spray? Your search is officially over because Way Of Will has lovingly formulated an effective cloth disinfectant spray with pure-grade essential oils.

Whether you’re a gym bunny needing to keep workout clothes fresh between sessions or you notice your coat smelling stale during a busy day, you need this disinfectant spray for clothes. Tough on odors but gentle on skin, this formula is 100% safe, causing 0% harm due to no added chemicals. Beautifully scented lavender and grapefruit essential oils infuse fabric with a natural fragrance that boosts confidence and wellbeing.

Lavender essential oil detoxifies with natural antibacterial properties and is the perfect ingredient for a disinfectant clothes spray. Zingy-fresh grapefruit essential oil possesses anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties and is a powerful way of keeping germs at bay. When blended, lavender and grapefruit essential oil have amazing bacteria-busting effects with a vibrant aroma that gives you that laundry-fresh feeling all day. The packaging is compact and super-convenient to take anywhere as a way to freshen up on the go.